To Minivan or Not to Minivan…

Seriously, that’s the question I’ve been asking myself. It came about sort of suddenly. I was riding in the car last week with Nate and Jack and it suddenly came to me that Jack would need to have his carseat behind me and the infant carseat would have to go behind the passenger side. Currently Jack’s carseat is in the middle and I knew it would have to move I just couldn’t decide where to move it. Then I realized that in order to get both Jack and the baby into the car while it’s in the garage I would have to be able to put the infant seat in from the passenger side since I back in and the driver side is against the wall. There’s no way I could haul the baby seat around the car through the current maze of crap in our garage and get it into the car on the driver side while the car is in the garage.

And it was sort of all downhill from there.

So I started looking at them online (used, because HOLY SNOT new minivans are not cheap, but neither are new Pilots which is why my Pilot wasn’t new either) and they come with all sorts of fun features in the price range I was thinking. Things like DVD, built in Nav, a back up camera, POWER DOORS.. Nothing I really felt I was missing out on, but the fact that the possibility exists out there now makes me kind of excited.

So now I’m sort of back to waffling. I love my car. I’ve loved every car I’ve ever owned. I’ve never gotten a new car because of something I didn’t like about my old car, just because the new car seemed like a cuter, or more practical idea. But I really love my car, and there’s nothing wrong with it, and it’s a Honda so I trust that it will run forever. But what if a minivan would really be the better idea? OR! What if this is just a ridiculous hormonal nesting type of idea that never would have come to me otherwise and after I have the baby (or, like, next year really) when my pregnant woman-new-baby-hormones have settled down, will I still be *excited* about the thought of owning a minivan, or will I be kicking myself for letting me talk me into this? Plus, selling a car is not fun and I’m really not looking forward to that part of it, but this time I really want to get my car sold before I run out and buy a new one because I want to base the price of the new one at least somewhat on the price I get for my car.

Like I said, waffling.

So I think next weekend we’re going to go to a dealership to visit some minivans so that I can at least drive one and see all of the available bells and whistles before I make a final decision. And even then I expect for there to be more waffling. Surprisingly my sister thinks it’s a great idea for me to get a minivan and even though I’m sure she’d never be caught dead owning one, she thinks I’d actually love it. And fortunately Nate is very supportive and thinks that if I want to get one, I can get one, and if I don’t, then I don’t have to, which is very nice of him, and probably smart of him too so I can’t blame him later if I do/don’t get it and live to regret it.

One thought on “To Minivan or Not to Minivan…

  1. Martha

    My sister has a Mazda MVP and she really likes it. Her older kid can get in and out by herself and Kerstin says that is VERY key to her sanity! It’s sort of a compact minivan and it drives pretty easy (although you’re used to a Pilot so you’ll probably have no trouble even with a big minivan!)

    It seems like everybody I know is like “I don’t want a minivan!” but once they get one they’re like “I love my minivan!” so just go for it 🙂


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