Just When You Think it Can’t Get Any Worse, it’s Pinkeye

So I don’t know if it was instant karma for ignoring the doctor’s request yesterday, but this morning I woke up with my eye crusted shut. I figured I just slept on my face weird and ignored the redness and burning feeling, assuming it was just from leftover gunk getting in there to aggrivate it.

Two hours later I started to think maybe I was wrong so I called my sister, who is something of an expert on pink eye (I swear she got it 3-4 times one winter a couple of years ago) and she said probably it was actually pink eye. So I called the doctor and left a voicemail and am currently waiting to hear back.

That also means that I did not get to take Jack to see my Grandma, I did not get to take Jack to the park, and I also will not get to take that trip to Target. It’s really a shame too because it’s not too bad outside today and I had hoped to get him out there to run around and climb some.