A Sinus Infection? Gee Thanks, Santa!

So… Jack has had a LOT of colds over the last few months. A lot. For a couple of months we literally had a new cold every other week. It’s been awesome. Finally we thought we had an extra week off and then Jack developed a mystery fever that lasted just 2 days and somewhat impacted his sleep habits and then it went away and we couldn’t figure out what caused it.. until 3 days later both Nate and I had the worst sore throats and post-nasal drip.

Fast forward to today (it started Saturday, or overnight Friday to Saturday really) and I couldn’t take it any more, surely it’s not a cold any more it has to be a sinus infection so I made an appointment with the doctor. I mean even when I had what I thought was the worst cold ever (that I also caught from Jack.. thanks buddy!) It was only really bad for 2-3 days and then got a little better every day til it was gone (like 1.5 weeks later). This time it’s actually been getting worse. My head hurts at night so much that it wakes me up. I’ve been taking Tylenol, but come on now, that stuff is practically useless as a painkiller. Plus I could seriously go on and on about the snot. It’s really incredible. I’ve never experienced anything like it before in my life. It sucks.

So after consulting WebMD (who usually just tells me it’s a cold and I need to suck it up) it actually backed up my Sinus Infection theory so I scheduled a doctor appointment. The doctor, though, was not impressed. She wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic and recommended that I wait until the weekend to fill it, because it can take a virus up to 7 days before it starts getting better. The good news is that she also said I can take regular mucinex (which of course I had to buy because I only had extra strength mucinex D at the house) and also benadryl which should help me sleep tonight (please oh please let it help me sleep tonight). The better news is that she also gave me the prescription to hold onto until I was sure I needed it which means I got it filled on my way home and took the first dose tonight.

So chances are this doctor isn’t going to call me and drill me about whether I waited to get it filled, but I have to admit I do feel a tad guilty for going ahead with it. Oh well. Time to take a benadryl and head to bed. Wish me luck!