Let’s Go to the Mall!

So a few months ago my sister told me about how one of the local malls has a little train that drives around it and we’ve been meaning to take Jack to go see it but just never got around to it. I decided that today would finally be that day, so around 11:20 we finally made it to the mall!

I had hoped to get there around 11 when the train started (thank god I looked up the start time online last night because I would have been there at like 10 wondering why it wasn’t running..) but pretty much everything I did that morning took longer than I thought it would (surprise) so we were a tad late.

Anyways, Jack totally loved the train.

At the mall

Once we were in he was a little nervous, “want to get out” he said, but once it started running he decided he was OK with it after all and he had a blast!

At the mall

It did a lap around the (relatively small) mall and then dropped us back off. Fortunately it’s parked close to the “rides” or whatever they are, so we went over there to play next.

At the mall

He was so excited that by the time he got seated in one thing he was just about climbing out of it. Finally he settled into an animal ambulance thing, I put in the money for it, and he promptly climbed back out. So I figured maybe the “ride” aspect of it wasn’t really for him, he could just sit in them. And so he did. Back and forth and back and forth until he finally settled into SCOOP from Bob the Builder, which he LOVES.

At the mall

He loved it so much that he actually let me put money in it and rode in it the whole time. Because it was BOB! And BOB’S HAND! And CAT! And most importantly.. SCOOP!

So we played there until about 10 after noon and then headed home to pick up lunch on the way. Unfortunately about 15 minutes before we got home (I’d noticed he was fading and I was trying to keep him awake) I turned around and saw this.

After the mall

It was too late. No amount of talking, yelling, or leg shaking could wake up him up. Since we were so close to home and it was only 12:20 I figured he’d take a short nap in the car, wake up and have lunch, then play a little bit more before his nap. I would just push his nap back from 1 to 1:30ish or so to give him time to get tired again.

Sadly it did not work. I put him down at 1:30 and he did try really hard to get to sleep, it just never happened. So I left him in the crib to “keep trying” for almost an hour while I did some vacuuming and cleaned the bathroom real quick, then I went and rescued him. (He’s not a big fan of the vacuum lately so I really wanted to get that done while he was otherwise occupied.)

Finally around 3 I took him for a walk hoping that maybe he would doze off, but it didn’t happen. He was in a relatively good mood for most of the afternoon, just a little wired and maybe a little faster to start bawling if he didn’t get his way immediately, as in APPLESAUCE, NOW! But fortunately he was also easy to distract until dinner time.

Then just for kicks I asked him if he wanted a bath. I was sure the answer would be no (it always is) and he ran for the bathroom yelling “bath time!” Just when you think you have it figured out…

So I happily obliged, and into bed he went a few minutes early tonight. I don’t think we heard a peep out of him. That kid was ZONKED! I love it when that happens!