Spoon Wars

Once upon a time (back in March, according to the video date) Jack started wanting to spoon his own food and I was a smug asshole who thought her precious snowflake was a damn genius, using the spoon all by himself!


Like 3 weeks later he decided that took way to damn long and he went back to letting us feed him.

9 months later I kept hoping he would decide to pick up the spoon on his own again, but his response was always “want mommy do it!” My goal was “before the baby comes” but as that is rapidly approaching I was starting to lose hope.

So Sunday morning we took matters into our own hands and have refused to hold the spoon/fork to feed him ever since. A few (impressive) tantrums and missed snacks later I think we’ve made some progress. This morning he ate his cereal with his fingers (yes there was milk) but he spooned the milk out to drink on his own, dumping off the cereal that happened to climb onto the spoon in the process. Then he asked to watch the fire truck video (off youtube) and I told him not unless he ate some cereal with his spoon.

Never underestimate the power of a youtube firetruck parade apparently, because he actually started scooping up cereal to eat!

Since then he’s eaten applesauce, and two different yogurt snacks (this kid is like a bottomless pit some days) while spooning it for himself. Mostly without spilling, like he’s just had the skills all along and he just didn’t feel like using them. I mean why feed yourself when you have minions to do it for you, amiright?

Spoon Wars