My Dog Thinks I’m a Moron

I mean, I don’t know what other conclusion to come to…

At target last week I bought the pets their “Christmas presents” (aka: treats for the cats and a jumbone thing for the dog). The bone sat on the kitchen counter in a target bag for an hour or so before I took it upstairs with Layne (still in the target bag) and dropped it off in an unfinished storage space where we keep the pet food (safe away from prying noses and teeth). I also made her a kong and stuck her in the pet room so I could run a few more errands.

When I got home and let her out I found that she had kicked some bag-butt in the pet room while I was gone. In the closet in there I have some plastic grocery bags, stored in a target bag, to scoop the litter box into. The closet doors remain open at all times because we keep no treats in there (on account of the prying noses and teeth, and the best way to convince those teeth that there is nothing interesting in the closet is to prove it with an open-door policy). So basically the only thing I can think of is that she saw that target bag (which is on a hanger, hanging in the closet) and thought that I was dumb enough to hang her jumbone in the closet, in her line of sight and well within her reach.

I am not that dumb, and like 4 defenseless plastic bags had to pay the price for her doubting my intelligence. I’m almost offended that she really thought I was dumb enough to put it in there like that, but it’s really just too funny.

Side Note: I would like to point out what I believe to be a complete lack of ability to use her sense of smell to detect food/treats. If she really used it/knew what she was doing with it, it should have been obvious that there was no bone in there. But it wasn’t. You may think that means that she knew it wasn’t in there and tore the bags up for some other reason but you may be wrong. For example, today I found a cheerio in the middle of the floor in the living room. It had to have been there for at least 3 hours because that’s when Jack finished snacking from the cup that had the cheerios in it, and Layne had DEFINITELY been in and around in there before, during, and after the snacking time period and didn’t notice the cheerio once. I literally had to get on the floor and point it out to her in order for her to find it.

Sometimes I wonder how a dog who is otherwise so smart can possibly also be so dumb.