Cheddar and Horseradish

So last weekend we were sitting down to lunch and Nate walked over and said “You know, I tried those cheddar and horseradish chips that you bought, but they’re a little weird for me.”

Umm, those WHAT that I bought?!

And then I couldn’t tell.. was he kidding? Because I most certainly did NOT buy cheddar and horseradish chips. Unless the bag of plain chips I bought was actually cheddar and horseradish and after an extremely long period at the store of debating between plain, which we all love, and salt and vinegar, which the pregnant woman loves, I went with the plain. Or so I thought.

But I mean.. surely he was just yanking my chain. I mean who has even heard of cheddar and horseradish chips, right? Who would eat that? It couldn’t be a real flavor.

So after I finished lunch I went to the pantry and had a look and there it was. Cheddar and Horseradish kettle cooked chips. Whoops! And then I tried them and you know, I don’t know that I’ve ever really tasted horseradish before. I’m pretty sure I leave it out of every recipe that calls for it because (a) I don’t have any and (b) it never sounded like something I would like so I never bothered to buy any and let me tell you WHEW those chips are strong. I don’t even know how to describe them. What’s even worse? As much as I don’t really even like them, if they’re out I can’t stop eating them. The flavor is too weird, it just pulls you back in!

So later that night we went to the local Christmas parade with my parents and Meg and her boyfriend Josh and I mentioned the chips. Turns out, Josh likes horseradish! And surprisingly everyone (including Jack) actually really liked the chips! Which, thank goodness, because without other people to eat them they would definitely have gone to waste and then I would have felt bad.

So let this be a lesson: When you spend too long staring a the chips on the shelf and in the end you just grab a bag from the “plain chips” area, double check it! Because you just never know.