And Now it’s December

Holy crap, how did that happen?? That puts me less than 3 months away from being a parent of 2 whole children (rather than the 1.5 I am currently claiming).  This pregnancy is seriously just flying by this time.

The good news is that after a trip to Target tomorrow (while my mom is watching Jack and I have time to wander aimlessly) I believe I will be 100% done with my Christmas shopping. Really I only have one more thing to buy, I just know it will involve a lot of standing and staring at things that I’m sure Jack would get bored with really fast, which is why he’s not invited.

I picked up my Christmas cards yesterday so hopefully I’ll get them addressed and mailed out soon. The Christmas tree went up last weekend so that’s taken care of. I have not put my lights out yet this year and I’m kind of bummed about that, but maybe I’ll find time to toss some lights on the bushes tomorrow and we’ll call that “good” for this year.