So.. Funny Story…

Texting injury by Geeky-Girl
Texting injury, a photo by Geeky-Girl on Flickr.

A few days ago I noticed an uncomfortable bump where my index finger meets my palm. It was starting to hurt if I bumped it so I made an appointment and yesterday I went to see the doctor. She said it was a cyst on my tendon and asked if I could think of any repetitive motion I was doing with that hand.. I couldn’t so she recommended I splint it for a week and if it didn’t shrink she’d refer me to a hand surgeon.

Later that afternoon as I was telling Nate what she said I got a text from Meg and as I flipped open my phone (Samsung Epic with a slideout keyboard) to text her back I realized this was the motion. The way I hold my phone totally rubs that part of my hand.

I got the phone for my birthday so I’ve only had it for about a month and apparently that’s just enough time to injure myself.

So now I’ve got my finger taped and I’m trying to adjust my phone hold.

Yay me?