Toddler Free To-Do List

It’s 9:45am and my mom has picked Jack up for the day. I’m in my jammies standing at the kitchen counter drinking coffee (decaf. sigh.) and eating broken cookie pieces out of a ziplock bag. I think I’m going to get along with unemployment just fine!

So for lack of something more interesting to write about (I mean I could tell you about how Jack has another cold, which makes 3 colds in the last few weeks and seems to be a pattern of about one cold every other week. But I’m not sure anyone wants to hear about how much snot someone that small can produce and how he says “boogums” when he gets snot on his face and actually asks to have his nose wiped sometimes), I’m going to share my to-do list with you!

1. Shower (important)
2. Drop a boatload of stuff at Goodwill
3. Clean Jack’s water table for winter storage
4. Vacuum downstairs (No way am I carrying the vacuum upstairs).
5. Dust
6. Clean the bathroom (leaving the chemically parts for Nate)
7. Watch last week’s Chuck off the DVR
8. Go to Target
9. Consider mopping hardwoods. I’m still up in the air about this one.

Ordinarily I would spread some of this crap out til Friday but this Friday I’m taking an online 4.5 hour conference call/resume class that my previous company paid for so I won’t have as much free time and I’ll need to go to the grocery when it’s done.  I can’t even imagine doing that for 4.5 hours so hold a good thought for me.