So as of today I am officially unemployed. They laid off a big group of developers at my company and so here I am. I’ve been trying ever since then to decide what to say about it here, but really even 3 weeks later (my last official day was yesterday and at this point I’m just so relieved that it’s done) I still don’t have much to say! Ideally they would have waited another month or so before hand, but overall I’m not too bummed by the whole thing, really. I mean who doesn’t love having an extra paycheck in the family, but really I’m lucky that we make it on one income so there’s no panic and rush get out there and find another job.

Instead I plan on relaxing at home (and working on my resume) and spending time with Jack (and catching up on my DVR shows and chores around the house).

It’s funny, I mean when we found out I was going to have all that spare time on my hands (my mom is still going to take Jack on Wednesdays and Fridays) my to-do list was suddenly huge and it seems to be growing daily.