It’s a Girl!

It’s official, in March Jack will have a baby sister. I have to admit on a practical level I had been really looking forward to reusing all of Jack’s old super cute boy clothes, but on the other hand I am also really looking forward to purchasing some really cute girl clothes. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in the last year and a half it’s that girls have a WAY better selection than boys.

It also makes me want to redecorate our already gender neutral nursery. I mean the whole reason we picked that set (it’s really cute, and it’s definitely neutral) was so we could reuse it, but now I want a new one! I think I’ll have to settle for a new girly sheet or something like that instead. And maybe some decorative pillows to go on her big girl bed. Getting too far ahead of myself? Maybe.

So while I’m talking about little ones I wanted to share some conversations I had with Jack  yesterday after his swim lesson (which ends at 11:30).

After his swim lesson, still at the gym:
Me: Time to go home and have lunch!
Jack: Chicken nuggets!
Me: You want chicken nuggets for lunch?
Jack: McDonald’s!
Me: Sounds good!

In the drive through:
Me: So you wanted chicken nuggets, right?
Jack: Chicken nuggets! And french fries (which comes out more like fromp fries)! And chocolate milk!
Me: Don’t press your luck.

So in the end I did cave and get him chocolate milk, but I diluted it at home with regular white milk. That stuff is THICK!

One thought on “It’s a Girl!

  1. Rachel

    Congratulations!! Seems like everyone I know is having boys, it will be nice to know another little girl!! Sorry about your job, but sounds like you’re making the most of it 🙂


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