Hard Work

So over the weekend my mom took Jack with her after his Little Kickers soccer camp thing. (It’s not like real soccer, it’s like a bunch of 18-24 months olds running around together and there are also soccer balls). Nate and I then went home and started The Yard Project. He dug holes, I inserted, fertilized and watered plants (while wearing gloves). He shoveled 2 yards of mulch into the wheelbarrow countless times, I spread the mulch out with a rake. I would say I definitely got the good end of that deal.

All done

When all was said and done we planted 6 new plants, moved one plant, and had enough mulch leftover that we went ahead and mulched over the pine bark in our front beds. I put down a ton of weed barrier so hopefully that will help us out in the future. Over all I think it turned out pretty well.

I think I finally know the names of all of the plants in my back yard. I’m so proud of me! And we’re growing Lady Banks Roses up the side of that mini-pergola thing there so help block the view of the neighbors’ back yards. When that fills in I bet it will be amazing!

Also, I’d like to introduce you all to my new friend, Bird.

Hi, bird!

While I was shoveling the mulch around in the back, Bird was hopping around watching. He actually let me get pretty close to him. I was starting to worry that he was injured and we would have to make a trip to the bird sanctuary place, but turns out he was just eating the berries off my beautyberry bush and he wanted them badly enough not to mind that I was there raking mulch in the area at the time. I got that plant specifically because I wanted it to attract birds and I was excited to offer them a treat, but 3 years later this is the first time I’ve actually seen anyone eat off it!

So it took us umm.. around 4hours total I think? Not bad! It looks SO MUCH BETTER it was definitely worth it.