Yardwork Wrapup

So once upon a time I enjoyed doing  yard work. I actually would sit outside when it was nice and scoot around the yard pulling weeds. I was obsessed and the weather was nice so it seemed like a good combination. There were semi-frequent trips to the farmer’s market with new plants, new pine straw, new pine bark, new flower beds and it was actually kind of awesome.

Then I had a baby and suddenly there wasn’t time for yard work. Not that I minded or anything, but we were not totally finished with everything we wanted to have done and what with number two rapidly approaching (how did it get to be the end of September already?!) we figured what with the spring due date, it was now or never for getting this crap done.

So here’s our to-do list:

  • Plant 6 new plants
  • Move between 1-3 existing plants (I haven’t decided on the final count yet)
  • Mulch the back yard (which requires removing some existing pinestraw)
  • Pull back pine bark and remove the zoysia that is attempting a hostile takeover of our flower beds
  • Trim back the hydrangeas. Possibly. I need to double check with the internet whether now is the appropriate time for that.

I can’t wait!

Well, mostly I can’t wait to see the finished product, but I’m still pretty darn excited!

One thought on “Yardwork Wrapup

  1. Having children can definitely cut into the time you have for yard-work let alone for gardening! Be really really careful working with the soil when pregnant there are some nasty germs buried in there so wear gardening gloves and avoid pulling/yanking on things too much. 🙂


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