Being Pregnant is

Things that Suck about Being Pregnant (in no particular order)

  1. Caffeine restrictions
  2. Having to pee. A lot.
  3. Trouble sleeping (aka: trying to relearn how to sleep on my side while constantly waking up on my back, and also rolling over with a body pillow is hard)
  4. The first trimester
  5. Overly sensitive gag reflex (sometimes I can barely swallow my vitamins)
  6. Wardrobe
  7. The third trimester (or at least the last part of it)
  8. Babies with hiccups
  9. Backaches from sleeping weird and/or just from carrying a whole tiny actual person
  10. Weird food cravings. I want a Jersey Mikes sub. I’m not supposed to eat deli meat. I ate a Jersey Mikes sub and felt only slightly guilty about it, but I’m also kind of nervous about potentially pushing my luck and doing it again but all I want is a Jersey Mikes sub. A number 7, turkey with provolone on white with mayonnaise and lettuce. It’s the little things.

Things I Love about being Pregnant

  1. Growing an person. A whole, tiny, actual person.
  2. Feeling that whole tiny actual person start moving around

That being said I want to mention what an amazing thing it is after you have a baby, your body sort of forgets how bad it all sucked. I mean sure I have memories of not loving my last pregnancy. I mean my hips hurt when I slept (the tempurpedic helped a lot), my back hurt from carrying all that extra weight (I gained about 40-45lbs last time), my feet, legs, and pretty much everything else was swollen at the end, plus the morning sickness from the beginning? It all seemed like nothing. I couldn’t want to get pregnant again. My memories were there, but it also seemed like “that wasn’t really that bad” and I had pretty much blocked out what it was really actually like. Not that it would have stopped me from having another one to remember how it actually felt, I just thought it was funny. How looking forward to it I was because I was totally overreacting last time and it was really not bad, and it may have actually been kind of fun!