Bumping Up and Down in My Little Red Wagon

New wagon! by Geeky-Girl
New wagon!, a photo by Geeky-Girl on Flickr.

We’ve been talking about getting Jack a wagon for months now so yesterday I randomly checked Craigslist, we found one and bought it immediately. To say Jack loves it would be a severe understatement!

After we went for a spin around the block in it, we came home and I unfastened his buckle. He promptly tried to jam the pieces back together and said “more wagon!!” so I buckled him back in and we went for another round. He is completely in love with it.

Other things he loves right now:
Watching videos of puppies
Watching videos of trains
Watching videos of “Baby Jack”
His froggie humidifier
His blankie
“Go outside”
“Red milk”

Things he does not love right now:
Diaper changes
Breakfast burritos
“Blue milk” (different cup, same milk)
Yogurt (suddenly HATES it)
The nose bulb*

* He hates it SO MUCH I tried to bulb myself to see if it was really that bad. Unfortunately my nostril is apparently too fat, I couldn’t get any suction. Experiment FAILED!