So it’s Been a While

So I’m actually almost 17 weeks along now. I’m definitely not doing as good a job of keeping track as I did last time.

I keep meaning to post. I really do, it’s always sort of on the back of my mind and sometimes I sit and think about what I would type if I were actually at my computer and able to write, but then I never actually get around to it. I blame it on the pregnancy. I mean it’s funny because the first time around I was like “pregnancy-brain!” and then you know, I just never quite recovered from it and now that I’m pregnant again I wonder if it’s getting worse, or maybe I’m just imagining things. I can’t tell. Is that bad?

Now that I actually have the time I can’t remember any of the things I was really going to talk about. I’m almost 17 weeks along now. I thought maybe I felt the baby move once, but I also think it may have been gas (you’re welcome), so I’m not really sure about that, but I figure it will happen soon.

So really I keep flip flopping over whether I think it’s a boy or girl. Before I ever got pregnant the first time around I just assumed I was having girls. I don’t know why really, I just did. I was literally shocked when I found out Jack was a boy. I think everyone I worked with said they thought it would be a boy, but I was like “whatever, what do you people know?” and then when the ultrasound came and we found out it was a boy I was shocked. And while I wasn’t disappointed I wasn’t having a girl, I was kind of disappointed that everyone was right and I was wrong.

This time around I just can’t tell! After Jack was born I assumed I was having boys. All boys. So when I got pregnant again I was totally sure it was a boy. No reason, just because. And then I felt worse than I did last time around (although for a shorter period of time) and I changed my mind and thought maybe it was a girl. Then we had an ultrasound and the hearbeat was SO FAST I was like “totally a girl!” and decided it was most definitely a girl. And then I had another appointment (yesterday, actually) and the heartbeat was lower, and back in the boy range and now I’m basically back to “I don’t really know” land and somehow no one around here is saying “you look like you’re having a boy/girl”  yet so I don’t know what to think!

I’ve been asked if I’d rather have a boy or girl and the truth is, I’d be thrilled either way. I’d love for Jack to have a brother to play with, but I’d also love to have a girl. I don’t know if it would be better for him one way or another, and it would be really nice reuse all those super cute boy clothes that I have saved all nice in pretty rubbermaid boxes in the closet, but that fact alone is enough to convince me that I’m having a girl.

2 thoughts on “So it’s Been a While

  1. Martha

    I thought for sure I was having a girl but my friend Shanee (who also asked me if I was pregnant before I told anyone and can apparently “always tell” when someone is pregnant) kept saying it was a boy all along. I think a boy and a girl would be nice. If we have a second boy after this that will really push me towards having three so I can try again for a girl 🙂


  2. Congrats on baby #2!! So exciting 🙂 I hope it’s happy and healthy, either way. Girls are hard work – VERY hard work. There are some days that I’m mostly sure that Kate or myself will not make it to bedtime, but then she flips the switch and does something so sweet. She definitely challenges me as a parent in a much different way than Brett does. It’s fun to have one of each – it definitely keeps you on your toes! Jack looks like such a sweetheart – I’m sure he’ll be great with the baby!


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