My Cat Needs a Trip to the Dentist

Nothing like having a cat who needs semi-regular dental care! Today I found myself scheduling 3 different vet appointments.

1. Layne needs her kennel cough booster

2. Colby needs a yearly physical exam

3. Tili needs a yearly physical exam plus dental work that I put off from last year.

Technically I was going to get the dental work done earlier this year during “dental month”  but then Gouda got sick and there went my pet emergency fund. So I put it off some more, and hopefully she won’t lose all of her teeth because of it, but it’s finally been scheduled! Thank god for pet insurance, I can’t wait to see the final bill.

And also, just for fun, I’ve asked if they could go ahead and do her yearly physical exam and shots while she’s anesthetized. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’m just too lazy to search it out right now… but Tili does not do well at the vet. I actually give her a pill an hour before every vet trip to sedate her, but last year it was just not enough and the poor vet (who was the same wonderful young vet I had when Gouda was sick) decided she was too much of a handful (and she is. scratches were handed out and I think someone got bit), and this year she recommended that Tili be knocked out for the trip. SO! I figured two birds with one knock-out-stone, so to speak, right?

So now I have three separate appointments for three separate weeks for my three separate pets. I miss the good old days of shoving two cats into one taxi and getting it all over with together! The only good news is that Colby’s trip should be faster (and possibly less traumatic without Tili there to ruin it) and that Tili’s is an all day affair where I drop her off on the way in to work in the morning and pick her up on the way home from work in the evening. It’s a win-win-win! (Layne’s should just be a quick trip into the lobby with a dog and a toddler while they squirt something up my dog’s nose and then I cram her back in the car before she sees any other dogs and I have to kill her in public.)

One thought on “My Cat Needs a Trip to the Dentist

  1. Kim

    I think our vet is, at most, 2 miles from our house. Marco cries and cries the entire trip…it’s almost upsetting. But this last trip, even though he cried the whole time, once he got there, my shy guy was loving all over the vet and the vet tech. At one point they couldn’t hear his heart he was purring so loud. I couldn’t believe it. He runs from everyone but me – and these strange women, apparently.


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