Dear Rain, Please Come to My House

I am not even kidding, I don’t remember the last time it rained at my house. I know that sounds kind of dramatic and I’m sure it’s not as long ago as it may seem in my head, but it seems like it’s been a REALLY LONG TIME!

My rain barrels are running low on water. I would settle for like 5 minutes of rain or whatever just to fill them back up, but I swear watching the radar a giant blob of rain will be headed for my house and then it will break up and reform once it’s passed. I’m not even making that up, it happens EVERY TIME!

So right now I’m looking at another blob of rain on the radar and it’s heading towards my house and I’m really probably more excited about that than I should be, but I’m also afraid, deep down, that I’m probably getting my hopes up for nothing and that rain will totally skip my house and soon I’ll have to use real water out of a hose to water the plants in my back yard and that will be annoying.

So please! Can I get a little rain!?