I Am a Moron – Part 147

So today at work I was sitting at my desk and getting ready to start on my next project and decided I’d like a little music to go with it so I got out my Zune, flipped the lock tab and turned it on.

Only it didn’t turn on.

Now… I just charged it. I just had it plugged in and I updated it and added new music and I KNEW the battery was JUST fully charged so WHY WASN’T IT WORKING!

<a minute or so of me staring at it willing it to spontaneously turn on>

I double checked the “lock tab” and noticed that I had flipped it from unlocked to locked and not the other way around.

It turned right on.


One thought on “I Am a Moron – Part 147

  1. On Saturday, I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to connect my digital camera to my laptop, only to watch it not detect it. Why? Why isn’t it making the ding noise? Oh. It helps if the cable is also attached at the camera’s end.

    Don’t feel bad. I do something like this every day of the week.


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