I Almost Forgot the Best Part

So after the big mouse-killing event on Saturday my sister and her boyfriend came over to hang out and blah blah blah, we had dinner, put the baby to bed, were hanging out on the back porch and I decided the animals would probably like to be fed their own dinner. It was probably 8:40 by then.

So I went up to the pet room and fed everyone, and then I went back downstairs to the deck. At some point Nate asked me where Layne was, because I didn’t bring her back out with me. I told him I left her inside because I was tired of watching her stalk mice and birds. Back and forth, whine whine whine, back and forth. Enough already!

So eventually around 9:15 I think, they decided to leave and we all went inside and Nate went upstairs to grab a CD or something and asked if there was a reason I left the light on in the pet room. Of course there was no reason, go ahead and turn it off I told him. I figured I left it on because it was actually dark enough to need it on while I was feeding them and it’s normally still light out so I don’t have to turn it on so I don’t have to remember to turn it off. Brain fart and all that fun stuff.

Then he called me to come up the stairs and look at something. About that time I realized I hadn’t seen the dog since I got inside which was a little weird. Normally after being banished to inside she’s all excited to see us when we come in, but whatever. Maybe she’s tired. She had a rough day.


I totally left her in the pet room eating her dinner. I snuck out for a minute because I had to pee, which is not unusual, and I totally forgot to sneak back in and let Layne out of the room. So basically she sat up there for 30 minutes or so wondering what the heck happened, because doesn’t she normally get to go downstairs after she eats? Is she suddenly going to be stuck sleeping upstairs with the kitties? Someone?! ANYONE?!