The Mouse Killer Among Us

So I think I’ve mentioned before, that we have a mouse problem in the back yard, and we are plagued by a mouse-zilla. We also have a really good variety of birds and I enjoy watching them play in the back yard, so as much as Nate might want to sometimes, I’m not going to be shutting down the bird-zone any time in the near future.

That being said we’ve been letting Layne chase the mice in the back yard. She’ll usually spot them, stare at them obsessively, and then bolt from the screened in porch as soon as the door is cracked wide enough for her to go. We thought it was all in fun as mice are CRAZY fast and Layne just is not as fast.

I think you can see where I’m going with this.

So Saturday afternoon, much like every other time she goes out, Layne ran down the steps, and immediately bolted for the bird/mouse area. It was almost too fast to even track, one second she was here, the next she was down there bouncing around. And then she was bouncing around with a big brown thing in her mouth. I think Nate and I almost died (Jack was napping). We both started yelling for her to drop it and come back up and eventually she complied and at some point Nate said “what do we do?!” and I said “oh my god” at least 50 times and we just sort of stood there in shock with our dog staring at the brown lump waiting to see if it moved.

It did not.

So I went out to the garage and put some work gloves on and went out to investigate. I was like 99% sure it was dead, although there were (thank god) no puncture wounds so I’m guessing it was (a) internal injuries, (b) broken neck or (c) a mousey heart attack. I’m kind of leaning towards heart attack though, just because I would imagine it would be pretty shocking to suddenly find yourself in a dog’s mouth. So I carried the carcass off behind the fence to drop it off because I didn’t really know what else to do with it.

And now Layne fancies herself a mouse-catcher and watches them even more obsessively. Like her life suddenly has a purpose.

I can’t decide if that’s good or bad.

And we still let her out to chase them, and I’m still 99% sure that she won’t catch another one, but if she does I can’t say that I’ll be sorry to see it go.