(More) Dog Training

So on Tuesday, Layne and I had an appointment with her trainer. After her first appointment we kept up with it for a while, made some improvements in her behavior, and then being pregnant at the time, I was easily distracted and we let it slide some and while she retained some of her new good behavior, she definitely did not hold onto all of it.

This time our trainer was there for about 1.5 hours working with me and Layne (but let’s be real here, mostly with me)  and I have to say, Layne made me look like such a liar. She was so polite and well behave with this woman that it was obvious the problem is me and not the stupid dog. Not entirely a surprise, but still disappointing because I actually thought I was being a relatively good alpha.

I have to say in the two days since training Layne has continued to be an angel (god help me, knock on wood!).  And hopefully this time we won’t drop the ball on our alpha-hood because it’s nice when Layne doesn’t bark like a maniac when my mom comes over in the morning to pick Jack up like she’s been doing for A YEAR NOW WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW YOU CRAZY DOG?!

I also need to figure out how to get people to fake knock at my door so I can practice keeping Layne in her zone so as to remind her that I’m in charge of greeting people who come to the door, not her. And also, I’m in charge of determining whether those people are a threat, NOT HER. She obviously has very poor decision making skills and the more anxious or excited she gets the worse they get and then it’s all down hill from there.

So! Wish me luck. There’s a good down in there somewhere, we just need to bring it out in her!