Surprise Vacation!

It has recently been pointed out to me by my mother that starting on Friday I will be out of the office for 10 whole days! (I almost said 9, but then I counted and it’s actually 10. How very exciting!)

Now, I knew that she and I were trading Thursday and Friday (normally I work from home a little on Thursday and she watches Jack while I work a long day on Friday) and I also knew that I was taking off next Wed-Fri because she’s going to be out of town and I figured if I was taking Wednesday and Friday off I should just go ahead and take Thursday off too because it just seemed to make sense.

What I had not put together was that Monday (July 4) is a holiday and so I’ll work a little from home on Friday, and then again on Tuesday like I normally do but I will not have to show my face in the office again until July 11!

This just reminds me how very lucky I am that my job was willing to work with me and let me decrease my hours at work so I could spend more time at home playing with Jack, and over the next week and a half it will be much more time!

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