Birds are Jerks

This morning at breakfast I was treated to a show in my back yard.

I saw 3-4 different cardinals popping in and out of my blueberry plants, no doubt checking to see if any were ripe.

Fortunately for me, none of them are ripe. Unfortunately for me some of them were ripening, and then shockingly they disappeared the next time I went to look at them. I would have thought the birdseed I put out for them, INCLUDING SHELLED SUNFLOWER SEEDS would be enough, but apparently it’s not. I always thought it must be the jerk mice eating my strawberries, but now I wonder. If the birds are getting the blueberries, maybe they’re getting the strawberries too. I can’t win!

(Although Layne has recently decided she is a bird/mouse hound and she stares at them with such intent. I can tell she’s just planning what she would do should she ever catch one. Lucky for them they’ve all been faster than her so far).

It seems like it would kill the aesthetic appeal for me to cage the fruit plants in, but as much as I love having the birds around, I don’t love them enough to be willing to forfeit any berries to them.

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