Hi, kitty!

Hi, kitty! by Geeky-Girl
Hi, kitty!, a photo by Geeky-Girl on Flickr.

Let me start by explaining that the cats spend most of their time upstairs in the “pet bedroom” (yes the pets have a room. It’s where the dog crate lives, their beds, toys, foods, etc… I don’t love leaving them up there all the time but the alternative is spending 99% of my day yelling at the dog to quit whining at the cats and quit chasing the cats and quit following the cats and OH MY GOD, DOG, WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP ALREADY! So the cats stay upstairs a lot).

Jack likes to go upstairs to play with the cats in their room. He’ll run to the stairs yelling “cat, cat, cat” and so up we go to play with the cats. I always thought it was SO cute and so sweet and Jack really loves his kitties, awwwww. And then I realized that he doesn’t actually care all that much about the cats. I mean sure he’s happy to see them and he pays attention to them for a minute or so (although he doesn’t actually pet them, even if they come rub up against him he just isn’t sure what to do yet (he does actually pet the dog)), but I’m starting to think the real reason he wants to go upstairs is just to play with the cats’ toys.

Like he doesn’t have enough of his own toys? (Believe me, he does). Or maybe it’s just that his own toys aren’t as cool as things like jingly balls, or yarn covered balls or catnip pouches etc…

So now no day is complete without at least one trip upstairs to play with the cats.

And their toys.

I think the cats may actually be warming up to him too. They don’t run so much any more, they follow him around some and they actually do rub up against him some when they’re really desperate for attention. I’m going to try to teach him to pet them GENTLY because I think once he gets a little older and starts really understanding how that works, that he and Colby could be really good friends. I’m sure he could buddy up with Tili some too, but I think Colby is more mellow and more likely to be the one.

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