So, nothing like logging in and trying to think of something to write about and seeing an older entry called “My” and thinking “hmm, looks like I already started something! I’ll just finish it and that will be easy!” at least until you see that “My” is actually empty.

Unfortunately I have NO idea what it could even have remotely been about. No freaking clue.  Too bad, too, because it really seemed like a good idea in my head.

Oh well. In other news Layne pulled the door knob off the closet door last night and tore it up in her food/treat closet again. She was fine all week, we were only gone 2 hours max. The funny thing is, she really doesn’t actually eat any of these treats, she just throws them around. This has me leaning towards “boredom” as a cause, rather than anxiety because you’d think if it was anxiety she would have torn up the door that leads her our of the room instead of the door that leads her into the food. So I’ve removed all of the food from the room and am still trying to get in touch with our former training for advice because WTF, spoiled dog?!

And Jack is still sleeping in so good news! Except that Sunday morning he woke up and fussed for a few minutes at 5:15, 6:15 and then woke up crying at 7:05 for who knows what reason. But then he slept til 7:30 today so I think 7:30 is the new (old) official wake up time again.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something more exciting to write about than my crazy dog and my baby’s sleep habits.

Probably not.