I Think it’s been Longer than Three Days…

So over the long weekend Nate and my dad built a privacy screen next to the fence that separates us from the neighbor’s house. Basically the yards here are pretty small, and the houses are close together, and from our yard we can see into three other yards and they can see into ours.

Now in case that in itself wasn’t motivation enough, the house next to us is currently home to two outdoor dogs. Both of them like to bark at us (and at joggers, and pretty much anything at any time for any reason like 3am because the wind is blowing). They also like to howl at sirens. Sometimes they’re the only ones who can hear these sirens which makes it all the more annoying.

Anyways, back to my point. Nate and my dad were working on this privacy screen next to the fence that separates our yards mostly because they have one dog tethered to a dog house right next to the fence and that dog likes to get on his dog house while we’re in our back yard and stare at us (and of course bark at us) over the fence. We’ve had enough.

So in the early stages of this project Nate dropped his glasses over the fence into the mud pit that is the yard next door. Being the nice people that we are, Jack and I went over and knocked on the door to ask if we could go back there to retrieve them. We were walked through the house (because the gate outside is stuck, which I can attest to because when we saw their other dog (who is also tethered to a different area of the yard) jump off its dog house the other day and look like it was hanging itself (I’m not even kidding, we could see that from our screened in porch) I went over and tried to get into the back yard to free it (after knocking on the door) and I couldn’t get the gate open. Fortunately the dog made it back onto its house and was able to untangle itself enough to not choke when it got down again). SO ANYWAYS.

I got the glasses and as I was going back through the house towards the front door the guy mentioned that they were moving soon and the dogs would be gone in three days. I tried to contain my excitement but I’m pretty sure I skipped the whole way home.

So now we get to the math portion of our morning. That statement was made on Saturday. Depending on whether they were including Saturday in those three days, it could either be Monday or Tuesday that the dogs would be leaving, right? BUT THEY’RE STILL THERE!

I’m holding out hope that maybe they meant the dogs would only be in the yard for three more full days and by the end of the fourth day not including Saturday the dogs would be gone because I was REALLY looking forward to them not being there.

3 thoughts on “I Think it’s been Longer than Three Days…

  1. dotty

    I feel so sorry for dogs that are just tethered out ’round the clock. And feel sorry for you guys having to listen to them!


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