Built for Comfort, not for Speed

Once upon a time I volunteered at the SPCA on the weekends and that phrase was used to describe a short chubby (but very sweet) little dog. For some reason it’s stuck with me ever since. Probably because it very accurately described Gouda, and also kind of me because while I may not be chubby, I’m definitely NOT built for speed.

Unfortunately Layne is.

I feel bad, we’ve basically been neglecting her exercising needs since Gouda died. We never really went on walks before, but the two of them played together fairly frequently and we just totally did not take into account how much exercise Gouda was providing for her.

PLUS the fact that she’s an anxious mess most of the time and when the wood for our weekend project was delivered last Friday, she flipped her freaking lid and did some damage in the pet room. She shredded the blinds, moved some dumbells and a baby gate away from the closet door, chewed the child lock off the closet door and tore up the treat boxes and bags and generally made a mess of things in the room.

It was not something you want to come home to.

So in response to her behavior we I have taking her jogging every day (except yesterday we walked because my legs were too sore to jog. I tried, I really did but my legs refused to go) and we’ve upped her prozac (with vet permission) to 1.5 pills a day from 1 pill a day. (Right after we moved she was on 2 pills a day for a while but it became pretty obvious that it was more than she needed so we backed it down to one a day. 1.5 a day seems to be going well so far).

Also I plan to take her to day camp to spend the day playing her crazies out hopefully every other Monday, weather permitting.

I really hope this works because while her outbursts may not be frequent (yearly maybe? I’m too lazy to search the archives right now) they’re really starting to take a toll on our sanity.

I’ve also put a call back out to her trainer (whom we haven’t seen for like 2 years because her behavior in the house when we’re there is pretty good (except for barking when company comes over). Outside of the house though is another story altogether and if we’re going to do this frequent walk/jog thing she needs to get it together outside because there are a LOT of bunnies out at 5:30 am (guess how I know!) and she wants to chase them all (and she tried to chase them all this morning and I did NOT want to chase them all and it was really pretty annoying to get jerked every which way because she was constantly on the lookout for MORE BUNNIES which were unfortunately out in droves).

So we really liked her trainer before (and this reminds me I haven’t heard back via email so I probably should call and possibly even start stalking this trainer because we paid for a lifetime package and we damn sure need it now) but if anyone has any suggestions for how to make the dog pay attention to us short of dangling a treat under her nose the whole time (which will only work if there are no bunnies present and really just get her to pretty much run ON you instead of next to you. ASK ME HOW I KNOW!) I would be open to any type of advice at this point.

(NOTE: Layne does not stay in a crate due to previous anxiety episodes in which she chewed through the plastic in a plastic crate in order to escape, prompt mangled (and rendered useless) the door on the next plastic crate in order to escape and chewed the bars on the current metal crate from which she was unable to escape but we were worried about her physical and mental well being in the crate at that point so she stays in a room with toys, a treat kong and an always open crate with a radio playing to try to cover outside noise.)

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