My Baby Plants

I finally planted my seedlings outside yesterday. They’re teeny still, and I’m not 100% sure they’re going to make it but I decided it’s now or never, plus if they die now I still have time to go get actual still living veggie plants at the farmer’s market.

I planted 5 jalapenos, 1 banana pepper, and 3 mystery plants. I say “mystery” because I wrote on the newspaper with marker to label them with “J”, “BP” or “G” (for green pepper) and on those 3 plants the writing had rubbed off so I have no idea what they are! Frankly at this stage they all look the same. So I potted them and can’t wait to find out what they are! I still plan on getting some plants from the farmer’s market because I want some okra and I want at least a couple of plants that are definitely green peppers (as opposed to just maybes).

So I planted them (and a tomato plant I got on sale at the grocery store because none of my seedling tomatoes made it this far) and I was all excited and then this morning around 1am I heard thunder. Then I saw a bright light (the bright light was actually Nate looking at his cellphone to check the weather to see if it was going to be a big storm. It was). So I ran outside and pulled all of my new plants up to the house because I was pretty sure they would not survive the pummeling of a thunderstorm at this stage and I was JUSTINTIME! Literally as I was running back up the stairs into my screened in porch it started pouring GIANT raindrops.

And then I got back in bed and immediately fell back asleep.

Fortunately I checked this morning and all of my little veggies are just fine! It just figures that immediately after I plant them we get a storm designed to kill them. Thanks again, nature!

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