Nature is Kind of Bumming Me Out

(In handy list format, in no particular order)

  1. Nate found 2 (small) snakes in the yard while mowing a few weeks ago.
  2. A few days later I found one dead snake in the back yard. Just laying there, in the yard. Dead. Who  knows how it died. I mean I could think of that as sort of “one down one to go” but I doubt it leaves just “one to go” and I’m not too concerned since they’re so far non poisonous.
  3. The robin eggs from the nest in the front yard disappeared. I’m positive they did not hatch and fly away and live happily ever after which makes me really sad because the robins were seriously vigilant and almost NEVER away from the nest.
  4. When I took the nest down there were ants everywhere. I hate ants but we can’t seem to shake them. We take down one hill and they pop up somewhere else a few weeks later. DIE ANTS DIE!
  5. Someone needs to tell the spiders to GET OUT OF MY HOUSE. I’m serious. We had the bug people come out and spray which has helped, except I’ve now found a couple of big dead spiders in the house. I guess big dead spiders are better than big live spiders, but still not ideal.
  6. When I (finally) went to clean out my bluebird house (over a week after I found the nest was empty) there was a DEAD BLUEBIRD in it. I’m guessing one of the fledglings came back during the bad storms and then didn’t know how to go back out to find its parents? Whatever the reason, SAD! (And so not fun to have to clean out.)
  7. Someone is eating my strawberries and it’s not me or my husband or Jack. I caved and put out a mouse-kill-thingie. The exterminator guy wanted to put out sticky traps, but I don’t think sticky traps outside are really the best idea so he put this black plastic box/house thing out there. The same kind that Nate found a snake in a few weeks ago so hopefully it will only get rodenty things this time.
  8. I’ve tried really hard but that’s all the things I can come up with right now, but I think that’s enough.

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