My Container Garden is off to a Sad Start this Year

Sad garden by Geeky-Girl

This year I decided to start my summer veggie garden from seeds. I’ve read blogs where other people do it and thought I would give it a shot. If it worked, great! If not then I would just buy my veggie plants at the farmer’s market like I usually do. It seemed like a win-win!

I started off be planting seeds in an egg crate container, fully expecting they would never grow and it would be no big deal. To my surprise, every slot I seeded sprouted, sometimes multiple seeds took. I couldn’t believe it!

And then I made my first mistake. I got attached. I figured they sprouted, basically I had pretty much already won.

After they all sprouted I transferred them to bigger, newspaper made, containers, thinking they would continue to grow bigger and then poof, one day I would plant them outside and it would be awesome and they would be awesome and this was SO EASY I should have done it sooner.

Except then things kind of took a dive and now I’m not sure if any of my little plants are going to make it. I can’t decide exactly where I went wrong. I watered them pretty faithfully, but I think as we moved towards summer and the sun moved, the window they were sitting in got less and less sun and I didn’t really notice in time. So they were starting to look sad and droopy then last week I started taking them outside to get better sun, and now they’re looking sad, droopy, and kind of fried. Maybe they got too much sun? Maybe I should have been taking them outside sooner so it wouldn’t have been such a shock?

I figure soon it will be warm enough that I can take them out and leave them out overnight (maybe I should have done that sooner too?) and I’ll keep at them until they’re ready to plant, or until they die. Frankly I’m expecting them to die. It’s definitely disappointing, but at least I still have the farmer’s market to fall back on.

And I’ll definitely try it again this year, only I think I’ll start them out in the newspaper pots, and keep a better eye on the amount of sun they’re getting, and maybe start taking them outside sooner. I don’t know.. if anyone has any plant-related tips for me I’d be happy to hear them!