Dare to Dream?

I think the neighbors are preparing to move.

This is the third family that has lived in that rental house since we’ve moved in, but definitely they are my least favorite. I mean they’re nice and all, but they have two outside dogs.

Two outside dogs who like to bark. A LOT.  And howl, don’t forget howling. Hear a siren? Dogs howl. Hear another dog? Dogs howl. 3 am and the wind is blowing? The dogs howl and OH MY GOD I am beyond ready for them to move to their forever home.

As if the barking and howling wasn’t enough, they had this chain link kennel in the back separating dog1 from dog2 and that kennel was right next to the fence with a dog house in it and dog2 liked to stand on said doghouse and bark as us if we dared to play in our own back yard. When Jack was really little their barking made him cry, but he’s finally gotten over that.

The first sign came Saturday morning when we were getting ready to leave and they were having a moving sale, not a yard sale, not a garage sale, the sign specifically said “moving” on it!

The second sign came tonight when I was out back watering my plants and I noticed the chain link kennel was gone. Both dogs are still back there and they’re both still tethered to something, but the kennel is gone.

I’m afraid to get my hopes up too high, but OH MY GOD I HOPE THEY’RE MOVING!