Concert Weekend

On Saturday Nate and I went to the Carolina Rebellion concert down in Charlotte. Since Charlotte is kind of far away we decided to get a hotel room, thus scheduling the first night I would spend away from my baby. All in all it was actually fine, and I missed him, but I was fine and he was with his Gigi and Aunt Meggie so he was totally fine and that’s not really the point of this whole post.

The Carolina Rebellion concert was an ALL DAY multi-band event that I was sort of afraid I was too old for and I wasn’t even really sure if I was actually looking forward to it or not by the time the day came, but really it was a lot of fun. The only bad part really was that it was like a cell phone dead zone and I had to turn my phone off for most of the concert because the battery was going so dead so fast. That was a bummer because OH MAN the things I could have told twitter about but didn’t get a chance to.

Things like the girl in the teeny plaid skirt so short  I’m not entirely sure it wasn’t just some random plaid fabric she safety pinned together and called a “skirt” and how you could see her underwear from behind because that’s how short it was. EW.

And that was not the only pair of underwear I saw that day. I also saw some underwear on a girl who was sort of pulling her spandexy dress down a little in front but it was TOO LATE. I just thank god she was actually wearing underwear.

And of course the mohawks were in rare form, and there were lots of tattoos and black outfits, and I realize that some people probably only own black shirts and black pants but when you’re going to an outdoor concert in May I just can’t imagine wanting to be decked from head to toe in black.

And also why did no one tell me that it’s currently in style to wear shirts that are practically shredded?

Then of course was my favorite… the sun burns. Oh the many many painful looking sunburns I saw because apparently these poor people that love the black clothing so much also spend so much time inside they’ve forgotten how the sun works and how important sunscreen can be. I actually applied it when we got there and reapplied it mid day. I was not messing around and it paid off. Some people would move slightly while they didn’t look so bad next to their clothes, when they shifted and you could see non-burned skin next to burned skin. Oh it was not pretty.

I think the sketchiest part was the parking situation. Apparently we got off the highway too early and I mean sure we parked close to the event, but we actually parked in some little trailer park area where the residents were directing people to park pretty much anywhere for $20. We stopped in this place on our second run around the area scouting for parking, so it’s not like we saw a lot of other options at that point, we were just ready to park and get on with it. And I mean good for them, if you’re going to be living so close to something like, why not make a little money off it? I was just relieved that when it was time to leave we weren’t blocked in.

All in all it was a really fun time and while they definitely need to make some changes I was really impressed by how they literally got one band on after another with like less than 5 minutes down time between acts. That part was seriously awesome and almost makes up for the LONG LINES for food and atm and merchandise. Seriously, we had some friends who stood in line for like 40 minutes to get food. I can’t even imagine.