Hello, Monday (AKA: I am a Moron)

So this morning Jack slept til 7:10. After almost 2 weeks of getting up between 6:30-6:45 I’m glad he was able to sleep in some, even if I wasn’t able to sleep in with him! (Where was this sleeping in thing yesterday, or even tomorrow?!)

Anyways, that’s not really related to why I’m a moron, just wanted to throw that in there because I was starting to think that 6:45 might actually be the new wakeup time (even though last time I thought that it turned out he was just getting like 4 teeth (2 of them molars) on top and then he went back to normal, and this time he’s definitely got 2 new teeth poking through on the bottom with 2 bottom molars close behind) so it’s sort of a relief to think that maybe since 2 of the bottom teeth have poked through he’ll have some relief and maybe he’ll be able to stay asleep longer and maybe once those molars have come through maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’ll be able to sleep til 7 again!

So now the part where I’m a moron.

To make a short story longer (sorry) I just want to add a little back story, where I worked from home last Monday, and then I always work from home Tuesday and Thursday, and I took Wednesday off and then Friday was “Spring Holiday” so we had off work, which means last week was a really (wonderful) light week for me.

Cut to today, I get out of my car at work, go to the back seat and realize my laptop bag is not there. It’s at home, upstairs, in the office. So I got back into the car and considered whether I would go work from home again or go up and work on my desktop (yes, I have a laptop and a desktop, but I haven’t actually set the desktop up as a work station yet).

I decided to suck it up and go upstairs and work. I got into the lobby of the building and realize… my badge is in my laptop bag.

I was trapped in the lobby.

Once again I considered going to work from home, but that still felt like the slacker’s way out and fortunately Nate works in this building now so I was able to call him and he was nice enough to come get me and drop me off on my floor (and guilt me about going to the front desk to get a temporary badge which I haven’t done yet, I just don’t plan on leaving my floor til I go home).

ALSO! I’m now 99.9% sure the rodenty thing in the back yard is a mouse. Or multiple mice (one at a time). Nate is thrilled and has suggested we get rid of the bird feeders (not going to happen) or put out house traps (why kill them for living outside?!) so hopefully someone can impress upon them that staying outside is key to their survival. Or maybe the barn cats that live across the street can come over and make a snack out of them thus saving me the stress of having to consider trapping them.

One thought on “Hello, Monday (AKA: I am a Moron)

  1. Martha

    If they’re outside and not inside there’s really not much reason to trap or kill them, and it’s just going to cause you guys the hassle of having to dispose of them. there are about a million things in the wild that eat mice so eventually the circle of life will probably take care of them on its own.


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