Free Day

Today I am off work* and my mom just picked up Jack for the day. I would like to say I don’t know what to do with all of that free time, but that’s just not true! At 10am I’m going to the dermatologist, at 2:30 Layne has a vet appointment and then at 4 I have a dentist appointment. In between there I’m going to try to clean the house and scrub the pollen off the deck and maybe catch up on a DVR show or two.

On paper it sounds like plenty of time to get things done, but somehow I’m still worried that something won’t get done. Not that I wouldn’t be able to catch up with it tomorrow, but I had hoped to get it all done today so Jack and I could have a free day again tomorrow and spend hours outside trying not to melt instead of inside cleaning up.

* I got today off because I went through all day every day training last week so I worked 40 hours instead of my usual 30 hours and I was rewarded with today off. Things like that remind me why I love my job.

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