Dear Internet, WTF is this Rodenty Thing?

What is this animal?! by Geeky-Girl
What is this animal?!, a photo by Geeky-Girl on Flickr.

I’m serious, if anyone knows what it is please tell me! It’s way too big to be a mouse, but too cute to be a rat plus I don’t think the tail is long enough. (God I hope it’s not just a super cute rat).

When I first spotted it I thought it was a young bunny, that had exceptionally short ears, but then today when I was trying to take its picture and it turned to run I saw a TAIL and it was definitely more of a run than a hop out of the fence area.

I looked up groundhogs thinking maybe that was it, but the groundhogs have fuzzy tails and this guy’s tail was definitely not fuzzy, which makes my brain scream RAT! And I really hope it’s not. I guess I can always plug the hole in the fence so he can’t get in, but I doubt that will really stop a determined rodent in the long run.

One thought on “Dear Internet, WTF is this Rodenty Thing?

  1. kimmy

    is it a mole? my mom used to have a few of those in the yard. those little bastards ate my tulip bulbs….but that was a few years ago. they ventured their way into the backyard where they met a playful husky.


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