Happy (Belated) Birthday to my Husband!

Yesterday was Nate’s birthday.

Last night when I got home from work I did not see Jack or Nate downstairs and I heard the radio upstairs so I thought they must be in the play room and just didn’t hear me come in. I took advantage of my sneakiness to go to the bedroom to dig Nate’s birthday card out of the super secret spot where I hid it, since I forgot to get it out in the morning.

But I could not find it.

I must have gone through every drawer, and then my closet, and I could not find it.

Maybe I would have to modify my super secret hiding spot because apparently it was a little too super and secret.

So I went through my drawers one more time and decided that I couldn’t be sneaky forever. Even if Nate and Jack didn’t hear me, Layne was bound to, so I went upstairs.

They weren’t there! They had gone for a walk and the radio I heard was actually the dog’s radio (the one we keep on during the day to prevent her from hearing stuff outside and downstairs and freaking out).

So relieved, Layne and I went back downstairs to resume our search. Turns out my super secret hiding spot was just better at hiding stuff than I thought because on like my fourth check, I found the card! WHEW!

Of course, his being gone also rendered unnecessary the super sneaking of the gift-bourbon into the house via my lunch bag, but whatever!

By the time he got home his gift and card were on the counter and he was none the wiser!

(Until I told him about it, because really I thought he’d appreciate yet another shining example of my forgetfulness).