Spooning! a video by Geeky-Girl on Flickr.

The Good News: He’s learning to eat with a spoon on his own.

The Bad News: He has realized that he can get the spoon from the bowl to his mouth with food on it therefore he will no longer allow you to get a spoon anywhere NEAR his mouth because he can do it his own self THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

After showing no interest in holding the spoon on his own, on Wednesday he reached for the spoon while we were having yogurt and I humored him and he actually got the food into his mouth and then it was all over for mommy-led spoon feeding.

This morning we tried to have oatmeal for breakfast. He wanted to eat it on his own, but then maybe he got tired of spooning it himself and so he didn’t eat much and instead demanded cheerios and then it was time to go to Gigi’s for the day and we’ll have to try again with oatmeal tomorrow.

Hopefully he’ll pick up on this whole spoon thing as fast as he did on the walking thing or else we may have to cut oatmeal from the breakfast menu, or reserve it for days that we have an hour to spend eating!