This weekend Jack used sign language to ask for more pancakes when he ran out of pieces on his tray. Now, this is not the first time he’s signed for “more”  but it is the first time he’s signed for more without us prompting him, asking if he wanted more and doing the sign ourselves to show him how.He’s even done it a couple of times since then, without prompting! I’m so excited, but I can’t figure out what the next sign to teach him should be. Maybe hungry? Water? Diaper change? Or bed time? Not that I think he’d ever actually ask to go to bed, but I guess you never know, right?

Also this weekend he gave his very first kiss. Nate gave him a kiss on the cheek and asked if he could have a kiss and Jack put his mouth on Nate’s cheek. So cute! I got him to kiss me a few times too, but it’s still a rarity. It’s not like a real kiss, just more like he puts his mouth on you, but it’s really sweet and I’ll take it! (I tried to get him to give me a kiss before I left for work this morning but he was so against the idea he actually tried to push my face away when I got too close. Thanks, kid!)

One thought on “More?

  1. dotty

    “potty” might be a good one. You can continue to use that into potty training time! I don’t know if he’s too young for that though? Never hurts to try.


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