Thank You, Harris Teeter Oxi Cleaner

Sunday morning my brother in law was trying to print out his boarding pass for his flight home and he got an error trying to print it from Nate’s computer and from mine. So I went upstairs to investigate (our printer is upstairs, on the wireless network; I love technology).

It was complaining that it was out of Yellow, Magenta and Cyan so I picked up the ink cartridges to verify, and while they were low they certainly weren’t empty, so I popped them back in and tried again. Still no go.

Then I looked down and noticed that I had magenta ink all over my hands, on my shirt and on my pants. I almost died! I was wearing my OSU shirt with Brutus on the front and I really freaking like that shirt! (And the jeans, but mostly THE SHIRT!)

So I ran downstairs, scrubbed the ink off my hands, got the ink spots wet to try to rinse out any ink I could  and then tossed my clothes into the washing machine. I threw some HT oxicleaner stuff into the tray and went to add the soap only to notice that the detergent I picked up at the store was not High Efficiency*.  So I hoped for the best and did the load on gentle with just the oxicleaner.


I had to use lavasoap on my freaking hands because that ink was not messing around, but I was SO RELIEVED that it came out of my clothes, I couldn’t believe it.

I originally bought the stuff to get baby explosions (sorry) out of his white clothes (because that’s when they always seemed to happen) but apparently it is also good for ink removal.

* This was the detergent I bought AFTER I returned another detergent for not being HE. Apparently I need to look more closely at the specific containers and not just what else is on the shelf next to them. When I finally (third try’s the charm!) got the right stuff on Sunday (PS – never go to Target on a Sunday afternoon. It’s begging for trouble) I  noticed that the HE and regular were all mixed in together (I’m sure not intentionally from Target’s perspective).

One thought on “Thank You, Harris Teeter Oxi Cleaner

  1. Martha

    When I was waiting tables we had these white tuxedo shirts and of course Fearrington is so fancy stains were not. acceptable. I used to get all kinds of stuff out with that oxygen cleaner stuff, as far as I’m concerned its a miracle product!


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