Maybe the Prozac was Working Better than We Thought?

Layne has been on Prozac (for anxiety) for the past 3 years. Before that, she was on Clomipramine. After a her recent trip to the vet I asked if there was anything else we could try because we just didn’t feel like the Prozac was working well enough and we had tried upping her dose, but unfortunately that only turned her into an anxious zombie (as opposed to an unanxious dog).

So the vet recommended another drug we could try and talked us through stepping down from the Prozac and two weeks later I can tell you that while the Prozac wasn’t the fix we had hoped for, it was obviously doing something because this dog is now completely full of crazy (as opposed to just halfway full of crazy..).

Over the weekend we went for a walk and we put her in our bedroom behind the baby gate with a treat kong (like we ALWAYS do, seriously, this happens to her almost every day) and when we got back she had busted through the baby gate, and then for food measure she had pulled the sugar canister off the kitchen counter breaking the canister and spilling sugar everywhere.

Now, I take partial credit for the broken canister because I left the sugar open in case my brother-in-law wanted sugar in his coffee, and then I just hadn’t gone back to close it yet.. but still. She normally sits moderately contentedly behind the gate until we get home as opposed to the running amok that she obviously did this time.

I can also tell she’s more excited when we get home, and she’s more clingy and more high strung than normal. I freaking can’t wait until we’re done stepping her off the Prozac (soonish) and can start her on the new pills and I never would have thought so, but I bet she can’t wait either!