Scars are Manly, Right?

Another Head Bonk by Geeky-Girl
Another Head Bonk a photo by Geeky-Girl on Flickr.

My mom was telling me that she was at the park with Jack the other day and saw a mother with her son, who looked to be about Jack’s age, there too. That the boy was just standing there next to his mom, drinking from his sippy cup. I don’t know.. maybe Jack will mature a lot in the next couple of months and that could be him, but I just don’t see it.

More likely would be Jack running over to you, grabbing his sippy cup, and waddling away again as fast as his legs could carry him.

At 13 months he’s no strangers to slips and falls or bumps and bruises or cuts and scrapes or anything that one might acquire from doing something like wrapping a blanket around one’s face and then running around the living room.

I think we’ve child proofed pretty well but I’m pretty sure that short of bubble wrapping him when he gets up every day, he’s just going to find a way to get injured. I thought maybe it was a “boy” thing but after hearing my tell me about the kid at the park maybe it’s just a “my boy” thing instead.

Either way at this point I’m not sure I’d recognize him any more if he didn’t have some sort of battle wound on his face, and I’m sure if such a day ever comes it would only be a matter of seconds before he found a way to re-injure himself.