The Continuing Saga of Toothless (formerly: Layne)

I mean technically Nate started calling her “Toothless” after we watched How to Train your Dragon a couple of months ago, but now the name really fits her!

I took her to the vet this morning and they kept her so they could extract the tooth, and they did a dental cleaning while they were in there, and by the way she also had a loose tooth on the bottom that they went ahead and took care of while they were in there.

She’s currently downstairs in our bedroom passed out on her dog bed. She’s SO drugged it’s not even funny. I mean sure, it would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad. She can barely walk, and not only did she not bark at the two dogs in the waiting room when we left, but when one of them growled she actually squeezed closer to me. So Un-Layne-Like. If I thought they would go for it I would officially ask the vet to swap out anesthesia drugs for the Prozac that she’s currently taking.

I love our vet, I really do, and they must feel SO BAD for us because if our dog dying last month wasn’t enough, now our other dog has gone and chipped a freaking tooth and they very kindly knocked us a discount which I appreciate more than I can even say. Especially considering I’m 99.9% sure that when they have a dental month sometime around August I’m going to have to take Tili in to have her teeth cleaned and probably have some extracted and that’s definitely going to suck.

I’ve also filed a claim with the pet insurance. They’re going to be getting a workout from us this year!