Guess what this is!

Guess what this is! by Geeky-Girl

It’s my dog’s tooth.

I wish I was kidding.

We went for Family Dinner at my parents’ house and when we got home I saw that Layne had tried to break into the closet in the pets’ bedroom. We have the closet locked with those cabinet locks that go around the door knobs, we have dumbells in front of each door and we lay a baby gate on it, like a cattle guard. Unfortunately, it’s all totally necessary because otherwise the dog can open the closet doors. Really the only part that’s 100% necessary is the cabinet lock, but everything else keeps her from shredding the closet door in the mean time.

SO ANYWAYS. We got home tonight and I went up there and the gate was about 2 feet from the door and the (20lb) weights were moved and there was a teeny spot of blood on the floor and some paint chips. When I was cleaning up the blood I picked up what I thought was a chip of wood out of the door and what ACTUALLY turned out to be HER TOOTH.


I looked at her mouth and it looks like it just snapped off. She was acting normal, she ate dinner fine, she’s not acting like it hurts her at all. I called the emergency vet and they said it could wait til tomorrow morning SO tomorrow I’m going to work from home so I can take the dog to the vet to have her tooth looked at.

All I have to say is What The Fuck?!