Countdown to a Time Warner Free Home

Last year we switched out phone to Vonage and our TV to Dish Network and tonight (our official activation date is 8:00pm on March 1, 2011) we’re finally switching our internet to AT&T’s u-verse high speed whatever.

At this point just thinking about Time Warner pisses me off. Since the end of November we’ve had these random “outages” where our modem will recycle itself repeatedly for hours and then eventually it will stop. Then for a little while the signal will be too weak to power the Vonage device and if you’re desperate for the internet you can plug directly in with an ethernet cable which is still sometimes too weak a signal to work. I’ve called them probably 6-8 times about it (I’ve really lost count), scheduled someone to come out four times and had someone actually come out twice. The other two times we received voicemails saying that there had been an outage in our area so they were canceling the service call for us. Both times someone came out they declared our lines just fine and once they swapped out the modem (only to have the problem reoccur a week later).

That week later was the last straw and while I’m sure AT&T won’t be perfect (Dish Network certainly isn’t but right now they get bonus points just for not being Time Warner) but Oh Holy Hell I’ll be SO GLAD to stop giving Time Warner my money for their shitty service.

(Stay tuned for grumbling when the AT&T install doesn’t go right the first time (because what does) at which time I will STILL be glad I’m getting rid of Time Warner).

One thought on “Countdown to a Time Warner Free Home

  1. kimmy

    We have AT&T u-verse and it has been absolutely awesome! I can only think of one incident in almost 2 where we lost service, and we just unplugged the modem and gave it a few minutes and we were up and running. I think it’s been great – hope so for you too!


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