Unlearning How to Cross My Legs

I can’t help it, it’s just a habit I can’t seem to break, but I really really want to. Maybe I’m just getting old, but crossing my legs just leads to knee pain and I still can’t seem to stop doing it! At this point I feel like I need a shock collar or something to buzz me every time I do it. Nearing the end of my pregnancy I couldn’t cross my legs, but I swear as soon as Jack was born I was right back there crossing them again and I’m not sure how it happened or how to stop.

Any suggestions?

One thought on “Unlearning How to Cross My Legs

  1. dotty

    You mean crossing them, like one leg over the other when you’re in a chair? Or sitting indian-style type crossing?

    I can’t help you either way. I am a habitual leg crosser. I don’t think I can stop, even though it sometimes hurts my knees, too!


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