You have Pretty Veins

Or so the nice lady on the Red Cross blood bus told me today. (Um, thanks.. I think?) And that’s actually not the first time I’ve heard that. Maybe not using those exact words, but same difference really.

She also commented on the speediness of my blood-bag-filling. Not to brag or anything (because who wouldn’t be jealous of my bleeding skills?) I was done before some people who were already hooked up when I got in there to fill out my questionnaire. I guess my veins are overachievers or something? Boo-yah!

And lastly, I published some posts today that were previously in draft mode that I would have sworn I hit “publish” on before, but apparently not so there they are. Apparently while my bleeding skills are top notch, my ability to use wordpress could use some improvement.

One thought on “You have Pretty Veins

  1. Mom

    Your “pretty veins” must be hereditary – from Papaw. He was a regular blood donor and they always commented about his “good veins.”


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