Goodbye, Gouda

So, unfortunately Gouda didn’t make it. Although he had made some progress when I picked him up Tuesday night to go back to the emergency vet for the night, Wednesday morning when I picked him up again to go back to the regular vet, I could tell he wasn’t doing well and at 10am the vet called and basically said it was over. He needed a transfusion but they didn’t think that would even be enough at that point, so we drove over and said goodbye. I’m really going to miss that dog.

So I’m sure I’ve told it before, but I feel like telling it again, about how I wound up with a dog in the first place.

Back in February of 2004 I was living in a house in Durham at the time, with my ex. We were outside with a friend, I think they must have been working on cars or something, and up walked this little black dog. He had a chewed on rope tied around his neck and no collar or leash. So I walked him around the neighborhood looking for people he may belong to, but I didn’t find any.

My ex was convinced he would love to have a dog, right up until the dog pooped on the floor in the house. After that he was a little less convinced, but I was pretty sure I did NOT want a dog because I knew that would lead to me being the sole care taker for the dog. So we tied him to a tree, called the pound and went to work. Of course, at work my boss told me there was like no chance this dog would be adopted and I convinced my ex we had to go back and get him if no one claimed him. So I called the pound, found out how long they held the dogs and after 5 days when he became county property or whatever we went back to pick him up.

Of course, he had heart worms and he was about 10lbs under weight and I think within like 2 days of coming home from his heart worm treatment he got some other type of worms, so that was a really nice welcome to the family.

So who knows where he came from, who knows what his life was like before, but somehow he knew a sucker when he saw one outside that day and while we had a bumpy start, he really turned into an (almost) perfect pet.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, Gouda

  1. Susan

    Erin, I’m so sorry about Gouda. When I clicked on your blog my heart just fell to my stomach. Only time will make this better…I’m thinking about all of you.


  2. Theresa

    Oh, I’m just crushed for you. I was sure Gouda was going to pull out of this OK. I’m so sorry, but I am glad he found you that day back in 2004.


  3. Martha

    I’m so sorry for your loss Erin. Accepting an animal into your heart and home brings limitless rewards but it does hurt when we lose them 😦


  4. Mom

    Gouda really was the world’s sweetest dog! He had the goofiest grin and was happy to chase a tennis ball to the point of exhaustion! He will be missed by the whole family.


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