Sick as a Dog

Sick as a Dog

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I’ve mentioned it before, but Gouda has a history of digestive related issues. Late last week when Gouda refused to eat his breakfast I assumed it was just his IBS or whatever flaring up (because it usually is) so I made him some chicken and rice and he went on a bland diet.

Yesterday was the final day of that diet (which he had no problem eating) and once again he refused to eat his 100% chow dinner. I just thought he was protesting the lack of chicken and rice in his bowl so I didn’t worry too much. Not until this morning when Nate said Gouda didn’t eat his breakfast either, plus he barfed. Not a good combination.

He was acting a little sad this morning (he seemed fine before) so I made him a vet appointment for 3pm. I got home from work around 2:40, let the dogs out, and notice that when Gouda peed, it was mixed with blood. That’s when I really started to worry.

At the vet’s office he got weighed and his weight was unchanged from last year (small victories, people) and we went to the exam room. The vet tech talked to me about his symptoms and then did a small exam. When she looked at his gums she said “oh wow, he’s really sick” and then I started to get really really worried.

The vet checked him out and took him to the back to run some blood tests and what seemed like forever later she came back in with news that his liver enzymes were CRAZY high and so was his bilirubin. They wanted to keep him to do a liver ultrasound and then I could pick him back up at 5:30 to take him to the emergency vet to spend the night. At that point I was pretty sure that he was just not going to make it, because this all was just so sudden and SO BAD.

I picked him up at 5:30 and the vet said the had somewhat good news. The liver numbers were definitely really bad, but there were no tumors or blockages or anything else like that, and he’s been diagnosed with acute hepatitis. (What?!) Who knows where it came from or how he got it. He lives a very sheltered indoor life with a few trips outside per day.

Anyways, I dropped him off at the emergency vet to continue getting fluids and antibiotics and a few various and sundry things to help his liver. Then tomorrow morning I have to pick him up at 7:30am and deliver him back to the regular vet to continue treatment. Right now they’re trying to flush the bilirubin out of his system and slam the virus at the same time.

The emergency vet said to assume that no news is good news, so he must be hanging in there, fortunately.

I have a vacation scheduled to start Wednesday. On the one hand I’m so upset that here I am leaving and I won’t be home til Sunday. On the other hand I’m SO GLAD that this happened before we left so that our house/pet sitter didn’t die have to face this by herself and I didn’t have to freak out that I was stuck out of town when it happened.

Right now I’m cautiously optimistic.

(I may or may not have made the vet cry a little because I started crying when she told me how very very bad it was. And maybe also again when she told me she had some (small) good news).

So hold a good thought that my dog will live to come down with something even weirder next year!

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  1. Martha

    One of my cats was really sick and I thought he would die a few years ago. I had to wait awhile in the vet’s waiting room and I absolutely started to bawl sitting there. I feel your pain.

    I’m glad he’s hanging in, I hope he improves wildly!


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